A Brief History About Get Back Whips

What is the History of Motorcycle Whips?

The history of get-back whips is unclear. There is however two main theories. The first theory is that get-back whips originated in the biker culture of the United States. The theory goes that get-back whips were originally used by all the members of a motorcycle club. They would dye their leather jackets or leather vests and also dye leather straps and tie them on their bikes handlebars. Those strips of leather became known as wind whips.

Get Back Whip made of blue and black braiding


The second theory is that get-back whips were created later when the biker culture became more violent and gangs started using weapons such as guns or knives to intimidate others. This theory states that get-back whips were used as a way to keep members of these gangs safe. 

There is no clear origin of get-back whips, but both of these theories are widely accepted. Get-back whips are now a common sight among motorcycle riders, and they are considered to be an essential piece of safety equipment. If you are looking for a get-back whip that is both stylish and functional, then be sure to check out the selection on our site. You are sure to find the perfect get-back whip for your needs.