Comparing Motorcycle Vests: Denim Vests vs. Leather Vests

Denim vs Leather Vest

What should you consider when choosing denim vs leather vests for your motorcycle? It's not about what the bike brands tell you, it's about what you want to wear. You and your bike should work together as a team. You need to find the comfort zone that suits your style and personality. It can be hard to determine what feels right.

Leather Motorcycle Vests

It's easy to think of denim as the only option for casual wear, but it doesn't have to be that way. From dress pants to t-shirts and everything in between, there are plenty of options besides denim. Perforated leather is lightweight, breathable and durable. It is a very popular material for outdoor wear, especially in warmer climates. Leather vests are a trend followed by many motorcycle groups and riders. They stay true to their identity while they wear one. From leather jackets to leather vests, these pieces of clothing are seen as a sign of what group they belong to or represent.

The main reason motorcycle riders wear leather is for protection. Leather is a material that provides protection against abrasion. The thickness of the leather determines the amount of protection it can provide. This is why motorcycle riders often wear leather jackets or pants because they need to be protected from the friction their bike creates as they ride.

Leather vests are considered a staple for any biker’s wardrobe and are often the first thing he purchases for himself. Choosing what kind of leather is best for your needs can be difficult, but we offer some tips on what to look for and how to wear different styles.

Top Leather Vests for Bikers

Leather Motorcycle Vest  Men's Leather Motorcycle Vest with Buffalo Nickel Front Snaps

Denim Motorcycle Vests

If you're looking for a great way to stay cool while cycling, then consider investing in a denim vest. These vests are designed to be worn without sleeves and will be perfect for the summer heat. They'll help you stay energized when biking and have the right amount of ventilation that you need. Denim vests are an affordable and chic choice for the spring and summer season. Denim vests are a great way to add some edge to your outfit while staying cool in the summer heat. 

Denim is a fabric that has been around for centuries and is still being used today. These motorcycle vests are popular among those who want comfort, durability and style. You can find them in many styles such as denim jackets and denim vests. The best thing about this fabric is it can be easily dyed and customized to fit your style preference.

Denim vests are versatile pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways. They're comfortable and easy to wear, with little concern for stretching or snagging. Denim vests are the perfect addition to any wardrobe, and a great way to stay cool and comfortable on those hot summer days!

Top Denim Vests for Bikers

Men's Denim Motorcycle Vest with leather flaps and tubing around the open arm

Men's Denim Motorcycle Vest made with blue denim and lined with orange fabric 

Leather is the go-to material for motorcycle riders. It provides better protection from wear and tear as well as the elements. Leather breathes, stretches, and is surprisingly lightweight.

So are Denim or Leather Vests Better?

The answer is usually a combination of the two and what ever works best for the individual rider. Denim and Leather can often be worn in combination with vests being worn over jackets with motorcycle vest extenders. A major point to take in to consideration is safety. There are pros and cons of comfort and coolness vs safety and precaution. Browse our selection of men's and women's motorcycle vests to find what’s right for you or another rider you know.