What Are The Benefits Of Motorcycle Cup Holders
There are many different benefits of having a cup holder but below are 4 of the reasons we came up with.
  • Safety. Keeping safe wile on the road is of paramount importance. Thinking ahead and keeping alert is vital. Being distracted with trying to get a water bottle out of your pocket is not a good idea. With a water bottle holder right in front of you, your focus can stay where it needs to be, on the road. 
  • Keep Hydrated. Having a motorcycle cup holder on your handlebars will help you stay well hydrated on long rides. The last thing you want is to start getting a headache because you forgot to stop and get a drink, especially in hot weather. Avoiding heatstroke is very important. Having a cup holder is a huge step in preventing this from happening.
  • Convenience. Most place their drinks in their motorcycle saddlebags or sissy bags if they are big enough. But who wants to go digging around for a drink when you could just have it right in front of you on your handlebars? A cup holder makes it convenient to bring a can of soda, a water bottle, or your travel mug with you.
  • Looks. Since your motorcycle cup holder is right in front of you while you are riding, why not make it a nice one? Some are plastic, others are stainless steel, and yet others are made out of leather. It really just boils down to picking the one you want the most.