PLEASE NOTE: The form below is for those that wish to return a product to Leather Stand.   Before using this form, please read our Returns and Exchanges Guidelines.  

NEXT STEPS:  After filling out the below information as best you can, an email will be sent to you.  That email MUST BE PRINTED AND INCLUDED  along with the product that you are sending back to Leather Stand.  

REMINDER: By filling out the information below, you agree to pay the shipping from your end and Leather Stand will pay the shipping from our end.  We can provide a replacement (of equal value) or a different size.  We can also provide a full refund, if you meet the requirements on our Returns and Exchanges Guidelines.

Restocking Fee: does not charge any restocking fees.

Damaged Merchandise: If you believe a product shipped from has arrived defective or damaged during transit, please contact Customer Service at (410) 835-9911. Please keep in mind that you must call or email us immediately to report the problem with your order once it is delivered. If you believe your item to be defective, we will authorize a prepaid shipping label once the item(s) have been confirmed defective.

We will be happy to ship a replacement to you at no extra cost. We are not responsible for any products deemed mistreated or worn out by the customer. Upon return, if we determine that the merchandise is, in fact, non-defective, the customer is responsible for any expense incurred.

Miscellaneous Issues: We understand that, at times, things happen, and none of us are above making mistakes. If you happen to receive the wrong item or something isn’t right, or it is the wrong size, please contact us at (410) 835-9911 as soon as possible.

We will make every attempt to make it right for you in the shortest amount of time possible. Remember, our number one goal is to keep you, the consumer coming back time and again. We want to help you in every way we can. To learn more please visit our About Us page