Women's Motorcycle Clothing

We carry a generous variety of women's biker clothing for the serious motorcycle rider. Our products are sold with the idea that you can get everything you would need to be ready for the road. This is why are known as much more than a biker clothing company. It is true that we carry clothing made for motorcycling but we are not limited to simply clothing. However, below you will find wearable items that we have categorized for your convenience and in order of popularity.

Concealed Carry Vest

Every vest we carry, leather vest, and denim vest, all have at least one inside pocket for concealment as shown below.  

Women's Leather Motorcycle Vest Conceal Carry Vest

 Concealment Jackets

Biker leather is a must have for the serious biker. Just as important is being sure to have a concealed carry leather jacket.  All the jackets that we offer are just that! Even our textile motorcycle jacket we feel competes with other jackets as the best concealed carry jacket available online. Feel free to check them out!

Women's Motorcycle Jacket Ladies Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Biker Shirts

We offer long sleevet-shirts, 3/4 sleeve, tank tops, and sleeveless shirts that are sure to complement your riding style.  

biker chick t-shirt
Biker Chick Clothing

Motorcycle Riding Gloves

You should check out our motorcycle riding gloves too. Made of premium goat skin leather.

Women's Motorcycle Gloves
Women's Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Motorcycle Chaps

Motorcycle riders love our biker chaps. Not only should chaps look good but they should keep you safe from accidents and weather conditions. True to our name we carry leather motorcycle chaps but also carry ones that are thermal lined.

Women's Motorcycle Chaps

Motorcycle Boots

If you are looking for the best biker boots, we have a nice collection of high-quality boots in different sizes and colors. These rider boots offer the best protection to your feet.  

Women's Motorcycle Riding Boots Women's Motorcycle Boots